Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sliding Around in the Snow: Sledding with Daddy

Sledding with Daddy

BJ, 8, and AJ, 6

Going sledding with Daddy was awesome.  We went by ourselves with Daddy to the soccer field by the castle playground (Larry Mills Park in Plum).  We took the sled to the top of the hill by the back soccer field.  We sat different ways.  One time we all sat together.  Daddy was in front.  AJ was scared so he sat in the middle.  AJ always sits in the middle when we go together.  We went really fast all the way down the hill and a little more.  We tried to turn at the playground, but the sled flipped over and we all fell out.  Then we turned around and took turns dragging the sled back up the hill.  When AJ went by himself, he laid down in the sled because he was too scared to look.  It seemed slower when he laid down—not scary or anything.

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