Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prompt 5: Choice

Preschool children:  
I can pick!:  Print this picture for your child to color and discuss with you.  One sentence lets you record your child’s thoughts at this age and has a line for you to share your own thoughts with your child.

School agers: 
What is a story that meant something special to you?  Print this page and use it to write about a choice.

Essay prompt: "In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing." – Theodore Roosevelt
Oftentimes we do not have all the facts to a situation and do not know what the right answer is.  In cases like these, is it still better to do something than to do nothing?  Discuss.

Poetry prompt: One method poets use to present difference is juxtaposition, or the placing of two different objects or actions next to one another for the purpose of comparison or contrast.  Write a poem in which you juxtapose two unlike objects.  You can achieve this juxtaposition by literally bringing up both objects or by using a form that is commonly thought of in one manner to discuss something opposite, i.e., write a sonnet about war instead of love, write a haiku about the city rather than nature, write a limerick on something serious instead of farcical, write an elegy on a birth instead of a death, etc.

Lifestory prompt:  Write about a choice you made that changed the course of your life. OR Write about an election day or political activity meant something deeply to you.  Show us why you cared so much.

If you would like (and if it is okay with your parent or guardian), you can sign a submission form and return the form and your writing to the library.  Stories will be posted together on this blog beginning November 29th.  The stories will be publishes as a book in the spring of 2014.

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