Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bad Hair Day - Helga, 79

My sister, Rosemarie, had read about a new beauty rinse for after shampooing your heair.  She was eager to try it, and she talked me into it.

“You must be kidding,” I said.  “I heard of lemon rinses or vinegar, but beer?”

“Sure.  It’s especially beneficial.”

Very soon after that, she sneaked into the kitchen to sneak some bottles away from my stepfather’s stash.

“What are you girls doing in the bathroom for such a long time?” My mother knocked at the bathroom door.

“Oh, we’re just doing our hair, Mom!” we shouted back, pouting more beer over our heads and licking the liquid that had spilled over our faces away with our tongues.

“Did you bring the hair curlers with you?” I asked Rosemarie, wobbling on my feet a little.  I felt kind of dizzy and the beer smell coming from my hair was really strong now.

After I rolled up my hair in rollers, I turned on the hand-held hairdryer and blew the warm air right over my head.  My dizziness grew worse, and I felt kind of tipsy.

My sister seemed to get infected, too, by this special hair rinse and started to giggle.

My hair was dry by then, and I tried to take the curlers out of my hair.  But my fingers were all of a sudden very clumsy.

I touched my hairdo, but it was hard as a board.  I couldn’t even comb it out with a come, but the cork-screw curls sprang back like wires.  I cried.  I looked horrible.

“Are you sure you read right that this beer rinse was good for your hair?” I wailed, pulling on the hard locks.

“Well, maybe we should have followed the beer rinse with more warm water rinses,” my sister admitted.

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