Wednesday, January 8, 2014

School Days - Nancy, 80

When I entered high school in the fall of 1948, Christian Dior was already famous as a clothes designer.  His "New Look" had taken the fashion world by storm in February 1947.  Women's clothing was more feminine, featuring sloping shoulders, a full bust, and a cinched-in waist above full, long skirts.  Seeing other girls wearing the long, full skirts prompted me to tell my mother I needed new skirts so I would fit in.  Mom disagreed, probably because she couldn't afford to buy me a new wardrobe.  Besides, as she firmly stated, the clothes I had were in good condition.  It really bothered me when it was time for the class of 1951 to pose for a group picture, and I--in my just below the knees jumper--was put in the middle of the front row, where everyone could see I was not dressed in the newest fashion.  Somehow I survived, and although I have followed style trends through the years, I no longer care that I am not on the cutting edge of fashion.

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