Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Time Will Tell! - Helga, 79

T i m e - just a snap of fingers in evolution.
              The only thing to count on in revolution.
              Time's fascination and obsession,
              Entertaining plaything and possession.
              Perpetual is the search of time.

T i m e - keepers are sun-dialed, spring-wound, never static,
              Mechanical, technological and automatic.
              Atomic time is accurate precision.
              Time is computerized, waterproofed acquisition,
              Inventive is the pendulum of time!

T i m e's enigma undetected,
              Painstakingly researched and dissected.
              Time's carved in bedrock and in trees,
              In sand dollars, urchins of the seas.
              Hidden is the very depth of time!

T i m e - light the fundamental measure,
              Future revealing at telescopic leisure,
              Chronology of past and present,
              Illuminating, iridescent.
              In the universe - time and light are one!

T i m e - lost forever, never recovered.
              Time's money, teacher and no lover.
              Time heals all wounds and wounds all heels,
              Is always in motion, an eternal wheel.


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