Monday, July 29, 2013

There's Nothing Like Buried Treasure

Preschool children: 

Buried treasure:  Print this picture for your child to color and discuss with you.  One sentence lets you record your child’s thoughts at this age and has a line for you to share your own thoughts with your child.

School agers: 

There’s nothing like digging something up!  Print this page and use it to write a story about something you have buried, treasure you would like to hunt, or something you would like to mine.


Essay prompt:  We mine the depths of the earth to retrieve diamonds—treasures formed by heat and pressure.  What types of treasure are built in your own character through adverse conditions?

Poetry prompt:  Using the ideas that structures are necessary for safe mining, write an OULIPO, or mathematically-structured poem.  Common OULIPOs would include poems whose lines are successively longer (The first line is one word long, the next two, the next three, etc.) or shorter (like the previous example in reverse).

Lifestory prompt 1:  (Monday) There’s nothing like digging.  Tell a story about something you literally buried or dug up.
If you would like (and if it is okay with your parent or guardian), you can sign a submission form and return the form and your writing to the library.  Stories will be posted together on this blog beginning in November and in a book in the spring of 2014.

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