Monday, July 8, 2013

There's Nothing Like a Fossil


Fossils: Print this picture for your child to color and discuss with you.  One sentence lets you record your child’s thoughts at this age and has a line for you to share your own thoughts with your child.

School agers: 

There’s nothing like a fossil.  Print this page and use it to write a story about some fossils that you have seen or read about.  What kind of animal do you wish was still living?


Essay prompt:  Fossils are created when something has died and hardened into rock.  They are remnants of what has come before.  What is a behavior or attitude that you no longer have, a fossil that is a remnant of you from a previous time in your life?

Lifestory prompt 1:  (Monday) There’s nothing like a fossil.  Tell about a fossil that you saw at a museum or somewhere else.
If you would like (and if it is okay with your parent or guardian), you can sign a submission form and return the form and your writing to the library.  Stories will be posted together on this blog beginning in November and in a book in the spring of 2014. 

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