Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dance Recitals - Katrina, 7

I remember one show I did—a dance show.  I wore a short-sleeved leotard with little black frizzles coming down from it.  It was hot pink with black polka dots, and we dance in it.  That was my first one.  For my second one, we wore sunflowers, and I did a tap dance.  I only remember one girl who really drove me crazy.  I don't remember any of these names, but there were eight in the first class, and then the second class had the same people.

There were like millions of people in the concerts.  I saw like fifteen rows.  There were lots of people on the sides too.  And we were doing these taps and leaning on our legs when the curtain opened.  Then we switched foot-to-foot and did this cross thing.  We went like we were swinging a rope around in the sunflower thing.  We did it twice, and at the end we ended in a plié.

And then we were doing ballet.  I can still remember the dance, but now I make up my own moves.

My hair was up like this in a ponytail.  My mom put red lipstick on my lips and eyeshadow on my eyes.

For my last performance, I made up my own at home.  My brother was in it.  We, me and my brother, did a waltz.  I made him do it.

Katrina as a sunflower

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