Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Love at First Sight - Merissa

We first saw our son in September 2011. I had researched countries and agencies for weeks, and finally had narrowed it down to the Philippines. I called two different agencies, and we ended up staying with the second one. The lady I spoke with sent me a file of a little boy who fit the criteria we were looking for. His bright eyes and playful smile captured my heart immediately. After a few days of prayer and research of some listed physical problems, we committed to making James a member of our family.

After many months, mountains of paperwork, multiple fundraisers, and much waiting, we received official approval to adopt James from the Filipino government. I was at work at the YMCA, on a Thursday morning. The way the process works, the ICAB (Intercountry Adoption Board of the Philippines) only processes matches on Fridays. Since they are 12 hours ahead of us, Monday morning would be the earliest we would get word of an approval. Several Mondays came and went of us "waiting in line." That Monday was no different, and I resigned myself to wait another week. But then my cell phone rang, and my case worker was on the other end telling me that we had been matched. She was just as surprised to be telling me as I was to hear it! I immediately called my husband, whom she had spoken to before calling me. Then I went back into work and announced the good news to my co-workers, then sent a glorious text message to many friends who rejoiced with us.

We should be traveling in the next few weeks to bring our little guy home.

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