Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Had a Lot of Candy - Viola, 5

When I was five, I was Supergirl.  My costume had an S sort of on my tummy.  The best thing about the costume was that the S had some sequins or something.  I had M&Ms, and I had a lot of candy.  I got it from school and trick-or-treating.  I got so much candy I needed another bag.  Really, I did!  I went trick-or-treating with my mom.  There were vampires.  I was scared a little bit.  And I liked princesses.  Glinda at my school was really pretty.  My favorite candy is gummies.  We trick-or-treated down the hill and back all the way home.  And they we ate a lot of candy--well, sort of a lot of candy.  And then I went asleep.

When I dreamed, I dreamed about trick-or-treating and all of those costumes.  I saw vampire ones.  And then I reamed about a lot of princesses and knights.  Also, I dreamed about monsters--green monsters, blue monsters, a lot of colored monsters.  I dreamed about skeletons and witches too.

And the next day, I woke up and ate my breakfast.  After I ate my breakfast, I played on my Leapster.  After I played on my Leapster, I played some more different things.

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