Saturday, December 8, 2012

VJ Day - Pat, 77

VJ Day August 15, 1945

It was either a Friday or Saturday early evening. The news of the end of the war with Japan seemed to filter through the neighborhoods via interruptions of the evening radio programs.The Japs had surrendered.
Mom and Dad were out for the evening. My sister, six years or so, and I around ten years, were home with a babysitter.  You could hear voices outside, people cheering, making all kinds of loud jubilation. Our babysitter suggested we get some pots and pans from the kitchen and go out in the back yard. We ran into the kitchen, pulled pans out of the cupboards and metal spoons and spatulas from the utensil drawer and ran out into the yard to join in the celebration.

Little did we know the firestorm that was being put into place at the O'Rourke household.

The next day there was still happiness and good humor until Mom went out to the kitchen to start lunch.
All heck broke loose.  First came yelling,then tears and finally a" whirling dervish" appeared through the dining room door. It seems the pans we chose to make noise with were Mom's prize enamel pans. Who Knew?!

Mom, being a frugal perfectionist: "How dare you use my pans! Chips all over the bottoms! A disgraceful abuse to such costly items!" My sister and I did a disappearing act as quickly as possible. We laid low under the radar, so to speak, for the rest of the day. I privately enjoyed the whole adventure, and it didn't seem to make a difference to the food we were served.

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