Saturday, December 28, 2013

Birds of a Color - William, 92


Red is a woodpecker's head
Red is the head of a duck
Red is the head of a turkey tom
Red is the head of a Rhode Island cluck


Green is a parrot
Bold, on a pirate's shoulder
Gawking, talking, preening, squawking


Blue is an indigo bunting
Taking breaks from insect hunting
Singing his hot summer song
Perched on a telephone pole
Summer long


Gray is a catbird
Furtive, within a thicket
Poised to pounce
And devour a cricket


White is the silent flight
Of a snowy owl
On a low, winged prowl
Over tundra and ice
Alert for mice


Black is the harsh, raucous caw of a crow
Black is the mysterious raven
in a poem by Poe.

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