Tuesday, December 24, 2013

FDR's Death - Elena, 90

After I graduated high school I worked in the news room of The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper before and during World War II. I don't have "vivid" memories of President Roosevelt's death.

I do have personal thoughts of his time as President.  At the time, I seemed to be aware of secret meetings (there were many) between President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill, probably concerning what was going on with Hitler in Germany - terrible, terrible atrocities.

When Hitler's troops swept across France and were knocking at the door of England, the decision was quickly made by President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill to declare war on Germany.  That was a good decision.  But what a price was paid on the Normandy Beach.  My thoughts were we should have done something long before that happened.  But then those are my personal thoughts and who can really say now that it is long past.

During Roosevelt's presidency, Japan pulled the wool over our eyes by attacking Pearl Harbor while we had Japanese Diplomats visiting Washington, D.C.  My thoughts were we were too trusting.  Again, who can really say now that it too, is long past.

President Roosevelt will go down in history as a great President who got us through a long and terrible war almost to the end. He died before it ended.

When President Roosevelt died, the rumor true or not was that his mistress was with him.  That really dampened my thoughts and feelings about him.

P.S.  I have always been an admirer of Eleanor Roosevelt.

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