Saturday, December 28, 2013

Flying Flowers - Georgie, 80

Well, hello there.
     Watch out!
Watch where you're walking.
     Don't step on me
Because I have a mission to complete.

I'm on my way now
    and who knows
Where my journey will take me.
     I see others like myself moving along,
So, it's nice to know I'm not by myself.

The road I've taken has not been smooth
     all the way,
For some of it has been rough at times.
     I'm getting tired now.

So, I think I'll find a good spot
     to curl up and take a nap,
Or maybe do like the bears do,
    just hibernate.
I have this nice warm coverlet to wrap around me.

Time to wake up now and be on my way again.
     But wait.
Everything has changed!
      It was dark and cool when I took my nap,
But now it is warm and sunny.

I have to get out of this covering
     for it's so tight in this thing.
I'm pushing out.
     Oh!  I have wings.
I've changed my outerwear
     and I can fly;
Well, it sure beats crawling!

How pretty I am.
     Now, I know what my mission is.
I don't have much to do except
     To be a part of this like that helps
To make the days more colorful.

There are others like me.
      What's that I hear?
The humans are calling us
     "Flying Flowers"!
Well... I like that.

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