Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sirius Black, the Talking Cat - Roseann, 62


"What do you want, Blacky?  Can't you see I'm busy playing a computer game?" said Al, turning his back on the sleek black cat with the huge golden eyes.

"Me-owww," Blacky spoke in his language and bounded toward the laundry room, aka the "Cat's Dining Room," turning to look at his owner in "Lassie fashion," as if to say, "Come this way.  Timmy's in trouble."

Enjoying retirement and the freedom to do what he wished without answering to a time clock, Al turned away from his feline friend and back to his computer game.  In all fairness. the stray cat had been in their household for less than a year, and the two of them were still learning to communicate with each other.

Suddenly Al felt a sharp sting in the rear end!  Blacky had run back and swatted him in the butt!  Al immediately got up and chased him, proceeding to tell him what a bad boy he was.

"What do you want?" Al asked as the cat ran back into the dining area.

The cat stood on his hind legs, grabbed the 15-pound bag of Science Diet dry cat food with all his might and pulled it halfway off the shelf as if to say, "Feed me!"

Al's senior mind could process this clear message, so he poured out a serving of dry food into Blacky's dish.  He was immediately rewarded with distinctive and very loud purrs of thanks.

And ever since then, when Blacky calls, Al listens the first time.

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