Monday, December 9, 2013

Love - Helga, 79

A babe in arms on mother's breast,
A toddler comforted on father's chest,
Growing up an active child,
A teenager, restless, running wild -
In turmoil, troublesome, with deep emotions,
Full of strange thoughts, romantic notions.
Love's a phantom then, a hazy image in the heart,
Viewed through rose-colored glasses from the start,
Portrayed in movies and in books,
Only promised by those certain looks,
An unstilled yearning of the inner soul,
A feeling hotter than of burning coal.
Love's falling in love with love's idea,
Love seems so close, seems ever so near.
But always eluding, a vision only in one's mind,
A Fata Morgana, always falling behind.
Love seems eternal, but is it new?
Then, lightning striking,
Suddenly - there is you!

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