Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cookies - Gerry, 69

Cookeis, yes, Mom's raisin-filled cookies.  These are something I'll never forget.  They are embedded in my memory.

Mom would cook raisins (she only used Sun-Maid brand) on the stove with a little water and make her fabulous filling first.  Then it sat to cool.

She then set out to prepare the tender, soft, delicious dough that got rolled out.  A simple kitchen drinking glass dipped in flour was also necessary to make the huge piggy-size sweet confections.  She worked steadily to cut and fill the cut-out dough with the sweet raisins, then topped them with another circle of dough placed on top, and quickly pinched the edges to hold in all the goodness.

Then she baked them till they were just lightly browned.  The smell filled the whole house with an aroma of delight.

To this day the only store I've found to equal her spectacular specialty is Shop-N-Save, and I can't go there without making a purchase of the raisin cookies.  I do believe they have found the stairway to heaven.  Perhaps they hid Mom somewhere in their backroom of the bakery.  I just know that my raisin cookies don't taste like hers, but Shop-N-Save's are definitely the exact same recipe.

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