Monday, December 2, 2013

Confluential - Dan, 71

Though it is the “Golden Triangle” its streets are not paved with gold
Nor are its many miles of rivers filled with sparkling wine
But its skyline is most beautifully spectacular
As like in a noonday sun, all the structures within its boundaries do sparkle, twinkle, and shine

The architecture and engineering is amazing, imagination unbridled
But man has again been bested by Nature whose bounty is a generosity of green
A playground for all seasons with colors that can only be matched by a plethora of rainbows
And every curve and horizon offers a new exciting and more beautiful scene

A compliment of water as generous a gift as heaven could provide
Washes away the stench of man’s destructive excesses upon this beautiful land
So that the many natural amenities bountiful in these hills and valleys
Continuously and forever multiply to mask until total rejuvenation, the afflictions visited by man

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