Monday, December 30, 2013

Halloween 1950 - Marlene, 72

My brothers and I always looked forward to the annual Halloween parade and party in New Wilmington.  We had won forst prize 2 years in a row, with a nice cash prize.  We were a wedding party consisting of bride, groom, and flower firl.  My older brother was the groom, who was dressed in black pants, white jacket, bow tie, top hat, and boutonniere.  I wore my mother's satin wedding gown, which she had cut down to fit me,  and a veil for my head, and I carried a bouquet of fresh flowers.  My younger brother wore a flower girl's dress that I had worn in a real wedding when I was six-years-old and a fancy head covering, and he also carried a small bouquet of fresh flowers.

My older brother and I thought the parade was such fun, but my younger brother, Gerald, was not a happy camper as he had to dress up as a girl.  He was teased by his siblings as we referred to him as Geralding.  The prize money did soothe his pain.

After the parade was over, the fun began.  New Wilmington is a small college town (Westminster College), and it seemed like the whole town turned out for the festivities.  There were hay rides, apple-bobbing contests, and pie-eating contests.  Music flowed through the area, and people danced in the streets.  Picnic tables were set up, and hot dogs, cider, and candy apples were sold and enjoyed.

When I think back on this event, I realize what fun it was for both children and adults.  There was no trick-or-treating and no vandalism.  The joy of a small town celebration!

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